World of Warcraft

So, there is this worldwide known MMORPG game which I couldn’t quite get into for multiple reasons. One of them was the fact that I wasn’t able to speak and understand English when I first fired up the game on my old pc back in the day. The lore was nonexistent and quests were just points on the map without any further explanation. In short, I just didn’t know why is that all happening and where my character stood among other races and what was the background of the race I’d chosen.

Fast forward many years into the fututre and we find ourselves in 2016 and guess what…there is another expansion coming out for World of Warcraft called Legion.

But this time around I am able to comprehend English…..well into some extent I am sure 🙂

I am excited about this particular instalment because I am a huge fan of Illidan Stormrage and his story and place within the world.  The whole new story revolves around demonic horde threatening Azeroth once more. And so we witness demons and other hell spawns pouring via portals into our beloving world with fell energy flowing in thier veins.

There is a new playable race called demon hunter which are apprentice of Illidan Stormrage himself. You literally become a demon in order to  hunt down and killing the demon horde. Awesome!!!

The lore of Illidan is here – watch

And here is the lore of World of Warcraft – watch

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