Mass Effect Andromeda

We are exploring new horizons traveling far away into Andromeda galaxy without commander Shepard on board leaving Milky Way galaxy behind.

This story takes place long after the original trilogy and will have you exploring and colonizing new planets as oppose to fighting threats from another dimension which is a fresh start and I think it’ll suits well with the new Mass Effect game.

I ma please to report that all the sweet stuff we love about Mass Effect series stay the same. We will have deep interactions with our crew members and other alien races, love stories, managing our own ship named Tempest.

There are ancient aliens vaults scattered  all around the galaxy that you can dive into, explore and gain new technologies. Sweet loot! 🙂 It might function as boss instances in multiplayer mode but that’s only my speculations.

In the space, there would be ships and asteroids for you to explore as well. All that sounds really tasty and I can’t wait to lay my hands down on the next part of Mass Effect series .

I have included few links for more details so you could see what’s more to the game and there is more!

There is link to a website/blog where you can find more details about Mass Effect Andromeda. Interesting info and reading – watch

There is link to youtube video for you to see how it looks like – watch

Have a great day 🙂

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