Shadow Warrior 2

Shadow Warrior 2 is an action shooter adventure game which will have you slaying countless hordes of demons within Japanese theme that’s been sent from another dimension.

It’s the sequel to the Shadow Warrior from 2013.

You could play single player or coop with up to four other players. The environment is more open allowing further exploration of the world. You can now climb up the buildings and running over the roofs. The protagonist named Lo Wang who is a ninja warrior is able to acquire new skills and abilities. Apart from the main questline every each mission will have procedurally generated level design such as different positions of monsters, randomized terrain and weather conditions as well as buildings.  Regarding fighting the demons and other japanese monsters the player is able to cut and blow off enemy body parts with infinite amount of weapons such as machine guns, samurai swords, Wolverine like razors and many more – see here.

Definitely looking forward to lay my hands on this game.

Have a great day.


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