For Honor

Developer: Ubisoft Montreal

Publisher: Ubisoft

Producer: Stephan Cardin

Director: Jason VandenBerghe

Engine: AnvilNext

Release date: February 14, 2017

Modes: Singleplayer, multiplayer, coop on split screen.

Platform: Playstation 4, PC, X box One


Story of the For Honor game is not the most exciting one but it doesn’t necessarily need to for this title. It’s basically hack and slash type of game where you see your character from the third person view which allows for more immersion. There is a war amongst three nations:

Vikings e1bfecad33176fd11976aa72d93fd06f,


 knights faction-ironlegion-hero-main.

All three nations mentioned earlier are fighting for their bare survival against each other and against an evil warlord Appolyon. Doesn’t that remind you of another warlord from the real history? Anywho, you can pick your side and grab one of the legendary heroes leading them into open world kind of battlefield alongside with your army which is under your command. You are able to challenge other heroes in duels as well as other players which sounds really awesome. With special moves, abilities and weapons this might be a really addictive mode because when you look at the gameplay it looks more tactile as opposed to frenzy action which is a good change.

Customization is available for players from changing your gender, armor to weapons. Multiplayer supports up to eight players who will be split evenly into different teams. The players will have their AL army at their disposal during the matches. There is a level up system. So, when the player kills a certain number of enemies consecutively they can level up and attain Feats which serves as additional perks. Then you can use those perks in your advantage calling in a barrage of arrows, catapult attack or heal yourself.

Dueling with other players is a tactical experience where you choose stances holding your weapon in different positions. Then you can strike from different angles as from above, left or right to attack your opponent. By watching your opponent’s moves you can then decide which of the stances and angles of attacks to apply. And by choosing the right position/stance can block the other’s player attack.

The only multiplayer mode known as of this moment is Dominion which tasks players to capture control points on the battlefield.

And of course there will be a single player campaign included with storylines for each faction.

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