This action figure was heavily inspired by Red Sonja that first appeared in The shadow of the Vulture written by Robert E. howard in 1934.

The character of Red Sonja was then used by multiple comic books for instance Marvel Comics.

Red Sonja is often refered to as SHE-DEVIL WITH A SWORD


Brief story

Red Sonja lives with her family in a cottage somewhere in western Hyrcania steppes. When she was 17 a group of bandits kill her entire family and burn down her house. Sonja attempts to fight back however she can’t lift her brother’s sword. Then she is brutally raped by the leader of the band. Scathach the goddess is the one who answers her wishes for revenge, appears to her and gives her incredible fighting skills on the condition that she never lie with a man unless that man defeats her in a fair combat.


Action figuresee here

Painted by Ana (more details in the link above)

Ana’s blog see here



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