Serious Sam

Developer: Croteam, InterActive Vision (Palm OS)

Publisher: Gathering of Developers, Gotham games, Global Star Software, Devolver Digital

Platforms: PC, Xbox, XBox 360

Modes: Single-player, multiplayerSerious_Sam_-_The_First_Encounter_-_US_Windows_box_art_-_Croteam

Main villain: Mental












This was my first epic shooter with giant bosses and frenzy action set up in ancient Egypt.

It was ridiculous! Endless waves of various enemies charging at you left and right. I love the atmosphere of the levels. It felt as though you would be fighting some old Egyptian demons and the weapons were all great and powerful, they just felt right for the game you know. And that was just my feeling of the game because I was very young back then playing this title and couldn’t comprehend nor understand English language. Now I would like to dip into the story of Serious Sam and believe me it’s not that serious but it’s good.

serious-logoStory serious-logo

In 21st Century mankind discovers a startling finding. Beneath the sand of the ancient human civilizations, traces of another, even more ancient, however technologically advanced civilization is uncovered.

Thanks to the science, mankind is able to use the advance technology and reach far points in the universe. In the year 2104 human civilization is attacked by countless monsters from another dimensions. In the battles that follow mankind fights back the invasion valiantly but nothing seems to stop the monsters from coming.

Earth’s forces are steadily defeated planet-by-planet, from Alpha Centauri back to their own solar system. Serious Sam becomes a living legend due to his bravery during the battles. But no matter how bravely the human armies fight they are defeated again and again.

Now the earth is under direct attack and humankind stares into the face of its own annihilation. World leaders must now turn their hopes to their last chance, an ancient artifact called out the ‘Time – Lock’. A relic from a long-forgotten race, with the power to teleport one single person back in time.

The choice of whom to send back is obvious ……it’s you Serious Sam! It’s you!

 Games in the series


[Wikia] Serious Sam: The First Encounter

[Wikia] Serious Sam: Second Encounter

[Wikia] Serious Sam: Xbox

[Wikia] Serious Sam: Advance

[Wikia] Serious Sam: The Next Encounter

[Wikia] Serious Sam 2

[Wikia] Serious Sam HD: The First Encounter

[Wikia] Serious Sam HD: The Second Encounter

[Wikia] Serious Sam 3: BFE

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