Kier, the Valkyrie of the Dead

Valkyrie of the Dead

Licence – Court of the Dead

Manufacturer – Sideshow Collectibles

Artists –

  • Tom Gilliland (Art Direction, Design, Paint)Free Vector Skull Illustration
  • Zane Yarbrough (Design)
  • Andy Bergholtz (Sculpt)
  • Jeff Yagher (Sculpt)
  • Mark Newman (Sculpt)
  • Earl Ellis (Sculpt)
  • Adam Smith (Mold & Cast)
  • Chadwick Andersen (Mold & Cast)
  • Michael Woodring (Mold & Cast)
  • Kat Sapene (Paint)
  • Tim Hanson (Costume Fabrication)
  • The Sideshow Collectibles Design and Development Team


Court of the Dead is a series of comic books that includes a character named Kiera, the Valkyrie of the Dead. When I was browsing the Internet for a new action figure that I could share with you all I stumbled upon this one and it caught my attention immediately. You see I like those dark stories where the main protagonist is either cast away or seek a rightful vengeance but is perceived as bad. Then he/she finds a new way of living, new friends, allies and new powers within him/her to fight back. Love it!!!


Brief story of kiera

Kiera was born to a Valkyrie of Heaven. But kiera was broken and incomplete with many imperfections in her looks and in her soul. An abomination in the eye of the heavenly host. Thus she was cast away into the void between realms of living and dead to be left alone and die. Between the two realms she was left lying on the ground dying with her last breath. A helpless and lost child. Unwanted by both Heaven and Hell caught somewhere in between. This is where Death found her, and in her pitiful form saw a reflection of what he once had been.

And so for the first time in many ages, Death raised a new hero created by his own hand. A loyal daughter who will fight by his side. Kiera becomes the Valkyrie of the Dead! A warrior who only answers to the Court of the Dead by scavenging the unwanted souls of fallen warriors on battefield and giving them new purpose. A chance at vangeance within the Death’s secret army.

Valkyrie – Wikipedia

Created by –  Sideshow

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Court of the Dead – website

Comic books of Court of the Dead

To hell with Heaven


Death’s first Harvest

Mourner For a Moment

Rise of Death

Rise of the Queen

Whispers In The Underground

Call of Valkyrie

Murky Redemption

Rise of Red Death


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