License – Purgatori

Manufacturer – Sideshow Collectibles


  • Alex Pascenko (design)
  • Ian MacDonald (design)
  • Mark Newman (design & sculpt)
  • Mireya Romo-Bowen (paint)
  • Kat Sapene (paint)
  • The Sideshow Design and Development Team



Purgatori sprouts from Chaos comic books series. One of my favourite villain, anti-hero. Some like elves, mages or hobbits. I like more darker heroes whose fate has been twisted into much darker path. They usually start on the bottom of society as slaves, outsiders, weirdos, totally alienated from others with sometimes good intentions but always turning out to be the ones who are going to be evil. Sometimes while being evil causing troubles they could be brought back by other good hearted heroes by simply showing them love. Love these stories. However, Purgatori is staying on the dark path all the way.



Brief story of Purgatory

Purgatori was born in Egypt around 1390 BC. brought up in the city of Alexandria. She has blood of fallen angels circling in her veins. She was known as Sakkara back in the days of her human form. Sakkara was a slave working on burial tomb for Queen Ostraca. While working she was constantly beaten by the guards of the Queen. She met an old Celtic man who was certain he knows a way how to escape slavery and reach immortality. One day The Queen was inspecting the progress of her tomb and when Sakkara’s eyes met with the Ostraca’s the Queen inevitably fell in love with her. She brought her back to her palace where Sakkara became a new acquisition in her harem. They even married. After years of living in luxury she found all the girls dead as Ramses all killed them. She manage to flee the palace and off to the night she was looking for the old Celtic man and his secret to immortality and immense powers. She found him as he was attacked by guards, she managed to kill them and as the old man was drawing his last breath he told her of the place where to find the power. He directed her across desert to a cave where a cEltic vampire lived. She eventually found the cave and the vampire named Rath. She wanted to gain all the powers for her revenge. Rath drunk Sakkara’s blood and fed her some of his own. As Rath’s blood mixed with her own, it combined with the blood of the fallen angels within her, transforming her into a creature with blood red skin, horns, glowing white eyes, and bat-like wings.

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Comic books of Purgatori

Purgatori: Vampire’s Myth (1996)
Purgatori: Dracula Gambit (1997)
Purgatori (Monthly Series, 1998-1999)
Purgatori: Goddess Rising (1999)
Lady Death Vs Purgatori (One Shot, 1999)
Purgatori Vs Lady Death (1999)
Purgatori Vs Vampirella (2000)
Purgatori: Empire (2000)
Purgatori Vs Chastity (2000)
Untold Tales of Purgatori (2000)
Purgatori: Love Bites (2001)
Purgatori: The Hunted (2001)
Purgatori: Darkest Hour (2001)
Purgatori: Mischief Night (2001)
Purgatori: Heartbreaker (2002)
Purgatori: Re-Imagined (2002)
Purgatori: God Hunter (2002)
Purgatori: God Killer (2002)


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