Guild Wars 2

release date: August 28, 2012


Developer: ArenaNet

Composer: Jeremy Soule

Designers: Colin Johanson, Eric Flannum

Platforms: PC

This was my first RPG game that was different from others I have played.
No subscription fees, random dynamic events, and new questing system.

In other role playing games  you would pick up a quest from an NPC then venture to the world to complete the quest and then return to that fella for a reward. Not in Guild Wars 2 then! You see, there are hearths scattered on the map so you could either go and talk to the NPC or you could simply go over to where the heart is and complete the task just like that and while you are on it there might pop up a random event. Perhaps in form of a monster sending its minions to destroy you in order to keep a treasure for itself.

Another great thing is boss fights and the system of rewarding every each player with cool stuff afterwards.

For instance in World of warcraft when you questing or boss fighting there is usually just one item for a specific class so if you are unlucky you spend eternity fighting a boss and then it turns out that the item that drops is not even for your class and you leaving with empty hands.

Guild Wars 2 rewards every each payer with some items so you do not need to be worry about leaving with empty hands after a boss fight.

In my personal opinion I think the armor design wasn’t all that great. Also character creation is quite poor however you can buy more stuff in the in game store which I don’t mind considering everything else is for free. So, if you want your character look more fancy there is still that option.

You also create a personal story for your character in character creation menu similar to Mass effect background story.

The world itself is huge, I like that.

In conclusion, I think this is still one of the better RPG games out there.

Go and try it out for yourself!

An easy going game that looks gorgeous in terms of graphics and doesn’t require you to pay monthly fees with an awesome gameplay and good community all around.


Sylvari: Plant beings


Norn: Viking like warriors from the North


Charr: Beast warriors


Humans: Humans


Asura: Strange beings


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