Lady Death

Personal profile

  • Birthname – Hope
  • Title – Queen of all that is Dead and Dying & avatar of he who reaps the-temptation-of-lady-death-premium-format-silo-3003441
  • Alias – Hope, Lady D, & Lady Demon
  • Birthdate – 1470s/1080s
  • Birth place – Sweden/Vienna, Austria
  • Relations – Mother: Marion, father: Matthias, sister: Vandala, sister: Vulnavia
  • Nationality – Swedish/Austrian
  • Species – Goddess/Eternal Being
  • First appearance – Evil Ernie (comic book)
  • Home – Hell



Lady Death by Meghan Hetrick

A brief story of Lady Death

Hope lived only with her father as her mother died when she was but a kid. Her father was descendant of a fallen angel and warlord. He drafted men to fight for his case. Hope didn’t know that he is a scion of the fallen angel though.All the men he sent to war were being sent to the realms of hell. At some point villagers found out what was happening, however he managed to escape into hell before being captured, leaving Hope behind.

The villagers accused her of being a witch for being the daughter of a devil worshiper and sentenced her to death. Upon the day Hope was to be burnt at the stake, she chanted the words that she overheard her father chanting in front of an altar. A demon was summoned and gave Hope a choice; either to abandon her humanity and live in hell or die.

Hope reluctantly chose to abandon her humanity and the demon granted her wish. She met up with the blacksmith of Hell named Cremator who helped her in training with a sword. She battled Lucifer and succeeded in defeating him. Upon his dying breath he warned her that if she killed him she would be cursed, becoming unable to leave Hell unless all humans (or his allies still walk) on Earth were killed. Hope disregarded the warning, and killed him, accepting the consequences. She then announced herself as the Queen of Hell and Lady Death.

Powers and Abilities

  • Healing
  • Teleportation
  • Immortality
  • Shape Shifting
  • Possession
  • Levitation and flight
  • Telekinesis
  • Elementals
  • Superhuman Strength
  • Superhuman Speed


Comic books

Comic book series  – HERE

License – Lady death

Manufacturer – Sideshow Collectibles

Artists –

  • Ian MacDonald (Design)
  • Nathan Mansfield (Sculpt)
  • Jeff Yagher (Sculpt)
  • Tim Niver (Sculpt)
  • Adam Smith (Mold & Cast)
  • Mireya Romo-Bowen (Paint)
  • Anthony Mestas (Paint)
  • Tim Hanson (Costume Fabrication)


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License – Purgatori

Manufacturer – Sideshow Collectibles


  • Alex Pascenko (design)
  • Ian MacDonald (design)
  • Mark Newman (design & sculpt)
  • Mireya Romo-Bowen (paint)
  • Kat Sapene (paint)
  • The Sideshow Design and Development Team



Purgatori sprouts from Chaos comic books series. One of my favourite villain, anti-hero. Some like elves, mages or hobbits. I like more darker heroes whose fate has been twisted into much darker path. They usually start on the bottom of society as slaves, outsiders, weirdos, totally alienated from others with sometimes good intentions but always turning out to be the ones who are going to be evil. Sometimes while being evil causing troubles they could be brought back by other good hearted heroes by simply showing them love. Love these stories. However, Purgatori is staying on the dark path all the way.



Brief story of Purgatory

Purgatori was born in Egypt around 1390 BC. brought up in the city of Alexandria. She has blood of fallen angels circling in her veins. She was known as Sakkara back in the days of her human form. Sakkara was a slave working on burial tomb for Queen Ostraca. While working she was constantly beaten by the guards of the Queen. She met an old Celtic man who was certain he knows a way how to escape slavery and reach immortality. One day The Queen was inspecting the progress of her tomb and when Sakkara’s eyes met with the Ostraca’s the Queen inevitably fell in love with her. She brought her back to her palace where Sakkara became a new acquisition in her harem. They even married. After years of living in luxury she found all the girls dead as Ramses all killed them. She manage to flee the palace and off to the night she was looking for the old Celtic man and his secret to immortality and immense powers. She found him as he was attacked by guards, she managed to kill them and as the old man was drawing his last breath he told her of the place where to find the power. He directed her across desert to a cave where a cEltic vampire lived. She eventually found the cave and the vampire named Rath. She wanted to gain all the powers for her revenge. Rath drunk Sakkara’s blood and fed her some of his own. As Rath’s blood mixed with her own, it combined with the blood of the fallen angels within her, transforming her into a creature with blood red skin, horns, glowing white eyes, and bat-like wings.

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Comic books of Purgatori

Purgatori: Vampire’s Myth (1996)
Purgatori: Dracula Gambit (1997)
Purgatori (Monthly Series, 1998-1999)
Purgatori: Goddess Rising (1999)
Lady Death Vs Purgatori (One Shot, 1999)
Purgatori Vs Lady Death (1999)
Purgatori Vs Vampirella (2000)
Purgatori: Empire (2000)
Purgatori Vs Chastity (2000)
Untold Tales of Purgatori (2000)
Purgatori: Love Bites (2001)
Purgatori: The Hunted (2001)
Purgatori: Darkest Hour (2001)
Purgatori: Mischief Night (2001)
Purgatori: Heartbreaker (2002)
Purgatori: Re-Imagined (2002)
Purgatori: God Hunter (2002)
Purgatori: God Killer (2002)

Kier, the Valkyrie of the Dead

Valkyrie of the Dead

Licence – Court of the Dead

Manufacturer – Sideshow Collectibles

Artists –

  • Tom Gilliland (Art Direction, Design, Paint)Free Vector Skull Illustration
  • Zane Yarbrough (Design)
  • Andy Bergholtz (Sculpt)
  • Jeff Yagher (Sculpt)
  • Mark Newman (Sculpt)
  • Earl Ellis (Sculpt)
  • Adam Smith (Mold & Cast)
  • Chadwick Andersen (Mold & Cast)
  • Michael Woodring (Mold & Cast)
  • Kat Sapene (Paint)
  • Tim Hanson (Costume Fabrication)
  • The Sideshow Collectibles Design and Development Team


Court of the Dead is a series of comic books that includes a character named Kiera, the Valkyrie of the Dead. When I was browsing the Internet for a new action figure that I could share with you all I stumbled upon this one and it caught my attention immediately. You see I like those dark stories where the main protagonist is either cast away or seek a rightful vengeance but is perceived as bad. Then he/she finds a new way of living, new friends, allies and new powers within him/her to fight back. Love it!!!


Brief story of kiera

Kiera was born to a Valkyrie of Heaven. But kiera was broken and incomplete with many imperfections in her looks and in her soul. An abomination in the eye of the heavenly host. Thus she was cast away into the void between realms of living and dead to be left alone and die. Between the two realms she was left lying on the ground dying with her last breath. A helpless and lost child. Unwanted by both Heaven and Hell caught somewhere in between. This is where Death found her, and in her pitiful form saw a reflection of what he once had been.

And so for the first time in many ages, Death raised a new hero created by his own hand. A loyal daughter who will fight by his side. Kiera becomes the Valkyrie of the Dead! A warrior who only answers to the Court of the Dead by scavenging the unwanted souls of fallen warriors on battefield and giving them new purpose. A chance at vangeance within the Death’s secret army.

Valkyrie – Wikipedia

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Court of the Dead – website

Comic books of Court of the Dead

To hell with Heaven


Death’s first Harvest

Mourner For a Moment

Rise of Death

Rise of the Queen

Whispers In The Underground

Call of Valkyrie

Murky Redemption

Rise of Red Death




This action figure was heavily inspired by Red Sonja that first appeared in The shadow of the Vulture written by Robert E. howard in 1934.

The character of Red Sonja was then used by multiple comic books for instance Marvel Comics.

Red Sonja is often refered to as SHE-DEVIL WITH A SWORD


Brief story

Red Sonja lives with her family in a cottage somewhere in western Hyrcania steppes. When she was 17 a group of bandits kill her entire family and burn down her house. Sonja attempts to fight back however she can’t lift her brother’s sword. Then she is brutally raped by the leader of the band. Scathach the goddess is the one who answers her wishes for revenge, appears to her and gives her incredible fighting skills on the condition that she never lie with a man unless that man defeats her in a fair combat.


Action figuresee here

Painted by Ana (more details in the link above)

Ana’s blog see here



Spartan batman action figure

Story of batman is so well known, frankly he is not my favourite superhero but when I saw the adaptation on spartan warrior aka Spartan batman action figure, well it’s so badass!

Batman’s secret identity is Bruce Wayne who witnessed murder of his parents in the streets of Gotham City as a young boy. Thus he fights the crime in the name of justice and unfulfilled sense of vengeance alongside with Robin, police commissioner James Gordon and his servant Alfred.

This is batman portrayed as a spartan warrior and it’s epic. Released date is March 2016.

See here

Action figures

Action figures section. So I added this for those of you who collect superheroes, characters from comic books, tv series and seek out good quality ones.

There is first one and it’s Skeletor from Masters of the Universe.

He is the main villain in the tv series He-Man.

He used to be a human named Keldor and he was once the brother of He-Man’s father who was King Randor.

He’s goal is to unravel the secrets of Castle Grayskull thus he would become The Master of the Universe and the only warrior that could stop him is no one else than He-Man.

Here is the link to the action figure Skeletor – see here