What’s new, eh ?

So, yes you are right, I haven’t posted anything for a long while.

Why? Because I bought myself PS4 this Christmas and been playing my favourite games such as Bordelands 2 Handsome Collection, Fallout 4, Doom etc. Been enjoying my time and this will also help me out bring you guys better news on new games, games I played and my thoughts on them and so on. Isn’t that great? I know more and more people do that, you know doing gameplay, reviews, and their thouths and opinions of new and old games. But that won’t stop me doing that too. Because I love playing games and always did. I remember that first game which was Need For Speed one followed by other old school titles that you can find in the Games section.

I would like to show you folks what I have been playing so far on my new console.






And it’s been great fun!!

I will speak to you soon and remember may a good game be with you!



Guild Wars 2

release date: August 28, 2012


Developer: ArenaNet

Composer: Jeremy Soule

Designers: Colin Johanson, Eric Flannum

Platforms: PC

This was my first RPG game that was different from others I have played.
No subscription fees, random dynamic events, and new questing system.

In other role playing games  you would pick up a quest from an NPC then venture to the world to complete the quest and then return to that fella for a reward. Not in Guild Wars 2 then! You see, there are hearths scattered on the map so you could either go and talk to the NPC or you could simply go over to where the heart is and complete the task just like that and while you are on it there might pop up a random event. Perhaps in form of a monster sending its minions to destroy you in order to keep a treasure for itself.

Another great thing is boss fights and the system of rewarding every each player with cool stuff afterwards.

For instance in World of warcraft when you questing or boss fighting there is usually just one item for a specific class so if you are unlucky you spend eternity fighting a boss and then it turns out that the item that drops is not even for your class and you leaving with empty hands.

Guild Wars 2 rewards every each payer with some items so you do not need to be worry about leaving with empty hands after a boss fight.

In my personal opinion I think the armor design wasn’t all that great. Also character creation is quite poor however you can buy more stuff in the in game store which I don’t mind considering everything else is for free. So, if you want your character look more fancy there is still that option.

You also create a personal story for your character in character creation menu similar to Mass effect background story.

The world itself is huge, I like that.

In conclusion, I think this is still one of the better RPG games out there.

Go and try it out for yourself!

An easy going game that looks gorgeous in terms of graphics and doesn’t require you to pay monthly fees with an awesome gameplay and good community all around.


Sylvari: Plant beings


Norn: Viking like warriors from the North


Charr: Beast warriors


Humans: Humans


Asura: Strange beings


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Kingdoms Of Amalur

Kingdoms of Amalur


Developer: 38 Studio, Big Huge Games

Publisher: 38 Studio, Electronic Arts

Director: Mark NelsonKingdoms_of_Amalur_Reckoning_cover

Designer: Ian S. Frazier, ken Rolston

Artist: Tim Coman, Todd McFarlane

Writer: Erik J. Caponi, R. A. Salvatore

Composer: Grant Kirkhope, Mark Cromer

Release date: February 9. 2012

Modes: Single-player

Platforms: PC, PS3, Xbox 360

Game expansions: Theet of Naros, The Legend of Dead Kel






I put a lot of hours into this game, particularly loving the combat with all the combos and how you could mix up skills to your liking. So you could be a mighty warrior with magical abilities throwing insane combos with your melee weapon and on top of that adding magical combos to finish off your foes. If you filled up a meter by . fighting monsters and other abominations of the kingdoms then you press F that would send you into an astral realm where you became an unbeatable entity moving on the battlefield much faster than the foes meaning the time slowed down and you dealt insane damage with special weapons and awesome finish moves. Also, the graphics were to my liking. I enjoyed the cartoonish look of the game. The whole title was divided into big locations as opposed to being a totally open world but that surprisingly didn’t bother much. Few things that I didn’t like. For instance armor ad weapons were rather dull to me and I didn’t dip into the lore much. The dungeons weren’t so different from each other.

Overall, very solid game that I enjoyed playing in my spare time. I could recommend the game for RPG fans.





You are a mortal known as the fateless one. You died before you start the game. A scientist gnome named Fomorous Hugues brought you back into life in experimental Well of Souls. You are the first and only success of the experiment. The player must escape the facility when it comes under attack by the Tuatha Deohn. He is waging a crystal war against all mortal races within the realm. Having no memory of your life before dead you are briefed on the intricacies of the Faelands and the Tuatha Deohn’s ongoing war by Agarth, a Fateweaver. The Fateless one must find the gnome who revived him/her in order to bring back all memories before dead.



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Serious Sam

Developer: Croteam, InterActive Vision (Palm OS)

Publisher: Gathering of Developers, Gotham games, Global Star Software, Devolver Digital

Platforms: PC, Xbox, XBox 360

Modes: Single-player, multiplayerSerious_Sam_-_The_First_Encounter_-_US_Windows_box_art_-_Croteam

Main villain: Mental












This was my first epic shooter with giant bosses and frenzy action set up in ancient Egypt.

It was ridiculous! Endless waves of various enemies charging at you left and right. I love the atmosphere of the levels. It felt as though you would be fighting some old Egyptian demons and the weapons were all great and powerful, they just felt right for the game you know. And that was just my feeling of the game because I was very young back then playing this title and couldn’t comprehend nor understand English language. Now I would like to dip into the story of Serious Sam and believe me it’s not that serious but it’s good.

serious-logoStory serious-logo

In 21st Century mankind discovers a startling finding. Beneath the sand of the ancient human civilizations, traces of another, even more ancient, however technologically advanced civilization is uncovered.

Thanks to the science, mankind is able to use the advance technology and reach far points in the universe. In the year 2104 human civilization is attacked by countless monsters from another dimensions. In the battles that follow mankind fights back the invasion valiantly but nothing seems to stop the monsters from coming.

Earth’s forces are steadily defeated planet-by-planet, from Alpha Centauri back to their own solar system. Serious Sam becomes a living legend due to his bravery during the battles. But no matter how bravely the human armies fight they are defeated again and again.

Now the earth is under direct attack and humankind stares into the face of its own annihilation. World leaders must now turn their hopes to their last chance, an ancient artifact called out the ‘Time – Lock’. A relic from a long-forgotten race, with the power to teleport one single person back in time.

The choice of whom to send back is obvious ……it’s you Serious Sam! It’s you!

 Games in the series


[Wikia] Serious Sam: The First Encounter

[Wikia] Serious Sam: Second Encounter

[Wikia] Serious Sam: Xbox

[Wikia] Serious Sam: Advance

[Wikia] Serious Sam: The Next Encounter

[Wikia] Serious Sam 2

[Wikia] Serious Sam HD: The First Encounter

[Wikia] Serious Sam HD: The Second Encounter

[Wikia] Serious Sam 3: BFE

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Destruction Derby 2

Developer: Reflections


Publisher: Psygnosis

Additional information about Psygnosis

Platforms: PS1, PC

Date of release: 1996 (PC) – 1997 (PS1)



That was years and years ago. I remember it well. After my first game which was Need for Speed somewhere around that time I got a full version of Destruction Derby 2. What a brilliant game and pretty challenging too. There wasn’t any safe system so you couldn’t safe you progress and that was frustrating too!

Get this, whenever you win a derby you move onto another track and so you are in that nice flow when you just cutting through races like a knife through butter and let’s say it’s your fifth race you have won. Well, then you lose the next one and guess what ? You NEED to START ALL OVER AGAIN!!!

Despite that setback I am not saying it’s a bad game. I really enjoy playing it. The destruction on the cars was pretty decent back in the day. You could rip off your tyres, smash your front into pulps, crush and demolish the back of the car, doors and roof. The damage model was amazing.

That way you could use the damage system in your advantage and cause your opponents’ cars being severely broken so they couldn’t catch up with you anymore.

There was couple of modes if I recall it well.

There was a classic racing on tracks and then there was arena mode which was basically crashing into another cars on purpose untill you would stand as the last one, the winner.

You could choose between a few cars with different stats as well.

Overall I could easily recommend this old school title for you guys to give it a go. By the way I forgot to mention the tracks..yes the tracks were really well design. I had my favourite ones. Different feelings to each track you encounter. Some easy with beautiful sky and surroundings some difficult with also pretty good settings.

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Half – Life

One of the best linear story driven single player shooter of all times.

I remember playing the game when I was a teenager and couldn’t understand English at all.  I fired up Half – Life on my old PC and begun exploring  Black Mesa facility which is located somewhere in New Mexico.

I didn’t read the whole lore or any other side stories when I first started playing, instead I was roleplaying in my own way according to my own observations and believes. Knowing Gordon Freeman is a scientist just going to work in an ordinary fashion meeting colleagues, uttering few words here and there I was like wow this is awesome first game that has  a proper introduction where you can explore a little bit of Black Messa even before the main event kicks in. Then you actually go and participate in an experiment that merges two dimensions together, pushing a trolley with yellow crystal atop into some kind of device. Explosion, confusion, yellow lightning storm going on, your fellow scientists screaming and trying to hide, run away. This catastrophe comes into play after 10 – 15 minutes of foreplay that sees you familiarizing with the environment and the facility. Remember, this first episode of Half – Life was published in 1998 introducing new style of playing, graphics and basically established new standards for first person shooters. And the atmosphere partly horror partly survival then switches into fast pace action….awesome experience. The pace of the whole game is generally smooth. Boring at times especially when it comes down to puzzles.

So after the accident Gordon Freeman which is you,  the main protagonist tries to get to the surface in order to call for help. But there are aliens pouring through the portal from another dimension (dimension called out Xen) everywhere. You fight your way trough the mess encountering security guards desperately firing all they have to kill the aliens (not always successful). On your journey you also encounter one of the mysterious antagonists named  G-Man. As you progress further you come across army unit called Hazardous Environment Unit which is a special forces task force from Marine Corps. At first you think they could help you out but one of the soldiers kills an innocent scientist which you see from distance so then you resolve not to contact them. And of course you are force to fight them, then later on you learn that they are there to not only kill the alien life form but also everyone within the Black Messa facility.

Now I will stop here and encourage you to play this gem that meant so much for the gaming scene.

Other episodes in the series

1998 – Half-Life


1999 – Half-Life opposing Force


2001 – Half-Life Blue Shif


HalfLife Decay


2004 – Half-Life 2


Half-Life Deathmach

2005 – Half-Life 2: Lost Coast


2006 – Half-Life 2: Episode One


2007 – Half-Life 2: Episode Two




World of Warcraft

So, there is this worldwide known MMORPG game which I couldn’t quite get into for multiple reasons. One of them was the fact that I wasn’t able to speak and understand English when I first fired up the game on my old pc back in the day. The lore was nonexistent and quests were just points on the map without any further explanation. In short, I just didn’t know why is that all happening and where my character stood among other races and what was the background of the race I’d chosen.

Fast forward many years into the fututre and we find ourselves in 2016 and guess what…there is another expansion coming out for World of Warcraft called Legion.

But this time around I am able to comprehend English…..well into some extent I am sure 🙂

I am excited about this particular instalment because I am a huge fan of Illidan Stormrage and his story and place within the world.  The whole new story revolves around demonic horde threatening Azeroth once more. And so we witness demons and other hell spawns pouring via portals into our beloving world with fell energy flowing in thier veins.

There is a new playable race called demon hunter which are apprentice of Illidan Stormrage himself. You literally become a demon in order to  hunt down and killing the demon horde. Awesome!!!

The lore of Illidan is here – watch

And here is the lore of World of Warcraft – watch

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Games I used to play

Hey folks I hope you are having a great day.

I’ve decided to show you guys what games I would be playing when I was a teenager. Do you remember Trespasser? I think it was the first open world Jurassic Park video game. It was so clunky and the dinosaurs were moving like funny puppets. Neverteless, I loved that game because I am a huge fan of Jurassic Park and the open world environment was something that got me spending countless hours just wondering, surviving the Island.

Trespasser – watch

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Next one up I would like to share with you is Need For Speed ONE. And that was my very first game.

Need For Speed ONE – watch

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Star Wars Rogue Squadron. I used to play a demo of that game and never got myself to buy a full version however I was really enjoying playing that one level over and over again.

Star Wars Rogue Squadron – watch

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Elder Scrolls Oblivion and that’s a game I still played just one year ago in 2015. It’s a vast, open world game where you take role as a prisoner and work you way through all the way up to your destiny. You create your own story within the world, your play style and it’s supported by modders even now in 2016. Great, great game.

Elder Scrolls Oblivion – watch

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I will definitely bring more of the old good video games from my childhood…yes there is more! 🙂