Nier Automata


Developer: Platinum Games

Publisher: Square Enix Holdings785606.jpg

Designer: Takahisa Taura  

Series: Drakengard

Platforms: PS4, PC




I didn’t play the previous game which was called simply Nier but as I bought a PS4 quite recently I thought why not download a demo of the new upcoming sequel Nier Automata. And as I am new to the world of Nier I wasn’t particularly thrilled to go and explore the game but well I was curious though.


My type of an ideal game is an open world RPG with tons of stuff to do and explore while immersed in a vast dynamic world. This game is said to be an open world game however the demo is rather running through corridors and there is not much room for exploration. I thought that developers would want to show us at least a little bit of taste of that open world and what you could possibly do as opposed to throwing us into a very narrow mission. But if their plan is to then surprise us with a freedom of choice and movement without hitting invisible walls then I am all in.


Graphics are pretty. the game looks good, the main character movements are smooth and fast and nice to look at. Weapons they give us to play with in the demo are also cool. However I didn’t like the platform segments where the camera switches from third person view to this from side platform view, it tends to pull me out of immersion. But the combat is good I like that.

So in conclusion, well look there will be plenty of gamers liking the whole experience and that’s totally fine. In my opinion the combat is cool, the movement of the main character is also very good. Graphics are pretty…but I personally didn’t enjoy the demo all that much. Well, so if you are a Nier fan then definitely go and check out the demo.

Hope you have a nice day guys!


Conan Exiles

Developer: Funcom

Publisher: Funcom


Engine: DreamWorld, Unreal Engine 4

Platforms: PC, PS4,  Xbox One

Release date: Early access – September 13th 2016



Another survival RPG game that caught my eye due to the fact that this game is set in Hyborian age, in Barbar Conan world. It’s going to be powered by Unreal Engine 4 which looks beautiful and crispy. And it’s going to be a hard core dark fantasy.You would have to gather resources like plants and wood to craft your stuff like machines that will harvest materials better from the world.


You can also enslave others and make them guard your settlement or castle or whatever you decide to build up. It suggest being both a single and multiplayer experience. The plot so far is very simple but that’s just because Funcom haven’t uncovered the whole story to the public yet. Apparently you might be an exile bound to die in a Hyborian desert but you manage to survive and then you take it further from there. I personally like it. You would have to withstand sandstorms and actually craft some face covers to protect you.


Another think is magic and summoning god like beings to fight on your side. I think it will take quite an effort to actually summon some of these avatars but as they said once you manage to do so the enemies wouldn’t have much choice but to make a run for it. Sounds badass!

I am looking forward to try it out myself. You can let me know what do you think.

I will speak to you soon!

Have a great day guys



Sea of Thieves

Developer: Rare

Publisher: Microsoft Studios

Director: Gregg Mayles14013_sea-of-thieves-prev

Producer: Joe Neate

Designer: Mike Chapman

Artist: Ryan Stevenson

Composer: Robin Beanland

Engine: Unreal Engine 4

Platforms: Xbox one, PC

Release date: Q1 2017

Genre: Adventure

Modes: Single-player, multiplayer

Sea of Thieves is an action adventure pirate game where NPCs won’t help you much but you have to cooperate with other players instead in order to retrieve a bountiful tressure or sink an enemy ship with real players on board that have the same goal or a different one. But hey they are in your way anyway. sea-of-thieves-1The game is set in an open world with features like first-person gameplay, user-generated content which allows you to create your own custom stories and goals with in-game tools. customisable ships and as some pictures suggest sea monsters that you would have to fight off if you want your ship and crew to survive. There will be plenty of shores to explore as well as character customisation.

Here is a gameplay video  – WATCH HERE

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Guild Wars 2

release date: August 28, 2012


Developer: ArenaNet

Composer: Jeremy Soule

Designers: Colin Johanson, Eric Flannum

Platforms: PC

This was my first RPG game that was different from others I have played.
No subscription fees, random dynamic events, and new questing system.

In other role playing games  you would pick up a quest from an NPC then venture to the world to complete the quest and then return to that fella for a reward. Not in Guild Wars 2 then! You see, there are hearths scattered on the map so you could either go and talk to the NPC or you could simply go over to where the heart is and complete the task just like that and while you are on it there might pop up a random event. Perhaps in form of a monster sending its minions to destroy you in order to keep a treasure for itself.

Another great thing is boss fights and the system of rewarding every each player with cool stuff afterwards.

For instance in World of warcraft when you questing or boss fighting there is usually just one item for a specific class so if you are unlucky you spend eternity fighting a boss and then it turns out that the item that drops is not even for your class and you leaving with empty hands.

Guild Wars 2 rewards every each payer with some items so you do not need to be worry about leaving with empty hands after a boss fight.

In my personal opinion I think the armor design wasn’t all that great. Also character creation is quite poor however you can buy more stuff in the in game store which I don’t mind considering everything else is for free. So, if you want your character look more fancy there is still that option.

You also create a personal story for your character in character creation menu similar to Mass effect background story.

The world itself is huge, I like that.

In conclusion, I think this is still one of the better RPG games out there.

Go and try it out for yourself!

An easy going game that looks gorgeous in terms of graphics and doesn’t require you to pay monthly fees with an awesome gameplay and good community all around.


Sylvari: Plant beings


Norn: Viking like warriors from the North


Charr: Beast warriors


Humans: Humans


Asura: Strange beings


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Horizon Zero Down

Developer: Guerrilla Games


Publisher: Sony Interactive Entertainment

Director: Mathijs de Jonge

Producer: Mark Norris

Artist: Jan-Bart van Beek

Writer: John Gonzalez

Composer: Joris De Man, The Flight, Niels van der Leest

Genre: Action role-playing game

Platforms: Playstation 4


Hello guys, it’s been a while since I post here and as I am looking forward to try out Horizon Zero Dawn there is new information about the game.

So in short, Horizon Zero Dawn is an action role-playing game set in a fictional word where the modern civilisation collapsed and humanity is pushed back thousands of years back as with technology so with their mentality. You as huntress Aloy being outcast from her tribe exploring the world and trying to figure out what has happened to the world, where she comes from, and not the last why the machines are acting more violent, who corrupt them? Well it’s up to you to find out all the pieces of the puzzle.

I mention the machines, yes the machines. The world is now populated by robot like dinosaurs that replaced animals as we know them. Cool idea if you ask me as I am a huge fan of dinosaurs…so fighting robot like dinosaurs sounds awesome to me!

you can also ride some f you override them, as of hack their system.



Here is a video showing early stage of the game and also gameplay indeed.

personally, I think this game is going to be a true console seller!

Here is the video – Video


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Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon: Wildlands

developer: Red Storm Entertainment Ubisoft Paris

Publisher: Ubisoft

Director: Eric CouzianGhost-recon-wildlands-logoa

Designer: Dominic Butler

Producer: Nouredine Abboud

Writer: Sam Strachman

Release date: March 7, 2017

Modes: Singleplayer, cooperative, multiplayer.

Platforms: PC, PS4, Xbox One.




You will take role as one of the four unconventional special operative soldiers from a recon team and you will find yourselves operating in high Bolivian planes.

There is drug war going on and your main mission is to disrupt  connection between a cartel and corrupted government. However, the game is going to be non-linear so the player could choose where to go, who to take down first and basically strike any location on the map.

The approach to various missions is also up to the player’s preferences. You could go all stealth, send a scout drone first to observe the situation then go silently in taking all enemies without triggering alarm. Or go in wild surprising enemies by your directness using tactical covers and blasting one enemy after another.

The game is set up for four players and so its cooperative experience with usage of all equipment at your disposal and tactic you choose to go for with your mates. But that doesn’t mean you need to have four other players in order to enjoy the game. You could definitely go for a singleplayer and have tons of fun on your own.

Al of the enemies is said to be very adaptive according to situations and actions from your side. They will use items sitting around them, jump into vehicles in order to chase you down. They will try to flank you when you don’t pay attention and more.

As far as customization goes you can change you physical appearance, clothes, weapons and equipment.

This game seems to be very promising and I would recommend to watch new information that will no doubt come out at some point this year.

I am a huge fan of military tactical shooters and would like to try out this title perhaps playing with my mates. That would be sweet.

Have a great day!


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