What’s new, eh ?

So, yes you are right, I haven’t posted anything for a long while.

Why? Because I bought myself PS4 this Christmas and been playing my favourite games such as Bordelands 2 Handsome Collection, Fallout 4, Doom etc. Been enjoying my time and this will also help me out bring you guys better news on new games, games I played and my thoughts on them and so on. Isn’t that great? I know more and more people do that, you know doing gameplay, reviews, and their thouths and opinions of new and old games. But that won’t stop me doing that too. Because I love playing games and always did. I remember that first game which was Need For Speed one followed by other old school titles that you can find in the Games section.

I would like to show you folks what I have been playing so far on my new console.






And it’s been great fun!!

I will speak to you soon and remember may a good game be with you!



Destruction Derby 2

Developer: Reflections


Publisher: Psygnosis

Additional information about Psygnosis

Platforms: PS1, PC

Date of release: 1996 (PC) – 1997 (PS1)



That was years and years ago. I remember it well. After my first game which was Need for Speed somewhere around that time I got a full version of Destruction Derby 2. What a brilliant game and pretty challenging too. There wasn’t any safe system so you couldn’t safe you progress and that was frustrating too!

Get this, whenever you win a derby you move onto another track and so you are in that nice flow when you just cutting through races like a knife through butter and let’s say it’s your fifth race you have won. Well, then you lose the next one and guess what ? You NEED to START ALL OVER AGAIN!!!

Despite that setback I am not saying it’s a bad game. I really enjoy playing it. The destruction on the cars was pretty decent back in the day. You could rip off your tyres, smash your front into pulps, crush and demolish the back of the car, doors and roof. The damage model was amazing.

That way you could use the damage system in your advantage and cause your opponents’ cars being severely broken so they couldn’t catch up with you anymore.

There was couple of modes if I recall it well.

There was a classic racing on tracks and then there was arena mode which was basically crashing into another cars on purpose untill you would stand as the last one, the winner.

You could choose between a few cars with different stats as well.

Overall I could easily recommend this old school title for you guys to give it a go. By the way I forgot to mention the tracks..yes the tracks were really well design. I had my favourite ones. Different feelings to each track you encounter. Some easy with beautiful sky and surroundings some difficult with also pretty good settings.

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